About the Creator


Martin T. Smith was born and raised in a small town three miles from Shasta Lake. Although he came to Nevada for the summer of 1971, to earn money to begin college; he did not become an adopted Nevadan until 1981.

Valorie Martin’s wife, met at the Cal Neva Dealing School in Reno. Their first date was at the Reno Rodeo, and one of Martin’s first jobs was teaching Fly Fishing for the Reno Rec. Dept.

Martin is proud to be a cancer survivor, and the survivor of a major heart attack and two heart surgeries.

In 1986, Valorie and Martin started what would become The Flag Store of Nevada/The Flag Store, Sign & Banner. The business was started in a 300 square foot office space with very little money and a lot of hope. The store has grown to be the largest manufacture and dealer of flags, and flagpoles in the Nevada. The store stocks over 200,000 dollars of flag, flagpole and related merchandise.

The idea of the Nevada Trivia game began in 1996; but the research for the game did not start until the year 2000. After years of research and traveling, the game has become a reality.


A Word From the Creator of the Nevada Trivia Game, Martin T. Smith


I can not express to you, how much I have enjoyed traveling with my wife and family to so many unique towns in Nevada. It has been a labor of love to explore the many wonderful places of Nevada; digging up questions along the way.

There are many people who have made this game possible. My wife Valorie, that has endured a “few” inconveniences for me to achieve my obsession.¬† Valorie designed all the graphics for the game board, game box, and all of our Nevada Trivia merchandise.

Thank you to my son Eric and my daughter Jamie for helping with the creation of the game and web site; and their over-all tolerance of Dad’s obsession.

Kudos’ to Allen Walde, my friend and Office Manager, and Barbara McEvoy my adopted family for their help and support of the game.


Special Acknowledgement


To Norm Nielson who died before his time. Norm was an adopted Nevadan like myself. My love of Nevada, Nevada’s Western Lifestyle and my love of the people of Nevada were stimulated by reading Norm’s books, and knowing Norm himself. I’m honored to have called Norm my friend, and I hope he likes the game I have created.