On November 27, 1980 my wife Valorie was working at Harold’s Club as a Keno writer, and decided to go outside for her break.  When she walked outside she began to hear screaming, and people running frantically to get out of the way from someone driving a blue car on the side walk.

“When it was happening I didn’t know what was really going on, it seemed so surreal”, Valorie explained.

In the days to follow the truth of what really took place that Thanksgiving Day was told by the media all across the country.

Priscilla Ford while driving North on Virginia in her blue Lincoln Continental intentionally swerved onto the sidewalk at 40mph; and mowed down as many “beasts” and “pigs” as she described her victims as she could. Seven people died that Thanksgiving Day, and 23 more were injured.

When she was arrested that day her alcohol level was .162.

Priscilla Ford would say “voices” told her to do it. At the trial, she pleaded not-guilty by reason of insanity.  She was convicted in 1982 of six counts of murder, and 23 counts of attempted murder.

Priscilla Ford was originally from Michigan where Ford earned a Bachelor’s degree and worked as a teacher for several years.  In 1970 Ford began being treated for Paranoid Schizophrenic with violent tendencies.  Mental health officials say she refused to stay on her medication Ford told people that she had powers like God, and that she could smite those who crossed her.

Although sentenced to die in Nevada’s gas chamber, she was never executed and died of emphysema in prison January 29, 2005.

Priscilla Joyce Ford, (1930-2005)


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