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The Nevada Jackalope (NevadaLepus-temperamentalus) is one of the rarest animals in the world. It is a cross between an extinct pygmy-deer and a killer-rabbit. They are extremely shy unless provoked. None have ever been captured alive but a few Jackalopes have been killed by hunters and they almost always display them proudly.

Above is a rare photo of a mighty Nevada Jackalope buck, about to charge.

Known by the ancients as “Deerbunnies”, it wasn’t until the early 1960’s that the modern more fearsome “Jackalope” name was adopted.

It is written that you can extract a female Jackalope’s milk, as it sleeps belly up at night. The Jackalope milk is believed to be medicinal and can be used for a variety of afflictions.

The truth is these creatures are aggressive, unpredictable and should never be provoked for “any reason”!

The Nevada Wildlife Department continues to deny their existence but because of the hundreds of sightings many believe as I do that Jackalope, although very rare, do live and thrive in Nevada. Most of these Jackalope sightings have been in the northwestern part of Nevada.

Rewards continue to be offered for anyone that successfully captures one of these rare creatures alive. For those adventurous and brave enough to attempt to collect the reward by capturing a Nevada Jackalope, please be extremely careful.

If you would like to see an actual Jackalope, I have one mounted on the wall at The Flag Store, Sign & Banner in Sparks. In 2008 while deer hunting in the Blue Lakes Wilderness area a Jackalope came out of nowhere and charged me. I raised my rifle but the Jackalope continued to charge and I shot. I would not have killed this rare animal had I not been in fear for my life.

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