Monthly Trivia Contest / April 2011

Monthly Nevada Trivia Contest

Each month we post a new Nevada trivia question. If you answer the question correctly, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win your choice of 4 different styles of Nevada T-shirts. Send only one entry per month please. We will notify you by email if you are a winner.

Last month’s trivia question was:

Can you name the three companies that are currently producing and distributing wine for resale in Nevada?

The answer was: Pahrump Valley Winery, Tahoe Ridge Winery and Churchill Vineyards.”

Congratulations to Barbara for answering correctly and winning her choice of Nevada T-Shirt!

Now on to April’s Nevada Trivia question:

What landmark Basque restaurant in Reno was recently sold and what were the names of the original owners of the restaurant?

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