Monthly Trivia Contest / July 2011

Monthly Nevada Trivia Contest

Each month we post a new Nevada trivia question. If you answer the question correctly, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win your choice of 4 different styles of Nevada T-shirts. Send only one entry per month please. We will notify you by email if you are a winner.

Last month’s trivia questions were:

1) What was Adolph Sutro known for in mining history?

The answer was:  Planning and building the Sutro tunnel that made it possible to drain and ventilate many of the mines in the Comstock Lode and to permit the miners to bring out the rich silver ore.”

2) Name the Sci-Fi movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, filmed in the Valley of fire State Park?

The answer was: Total Recall”

3) Name the District Attorney, who burned Joe Conforte’s illegal brothel as a public nuisance?

The answer was: Bill Raggio


Congratulations to Javier for answering correctly and winning her choice of Nevada T-Shirt!


Now on to July’s Nevada Trivia questions:

1) What hotel/casino was imploded so the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino could be built? 


2) What Governor christened Hwy 395 “The Extraterrestrial Highway”?


3) What is a mochila?


4) Name the two native Nevadans, whose statues are displayed in the United States Capitol building?


5) According to Paiute legend, who created Pyramid Lake?



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