Monthly Trivia Contest / May 2011

Monthly Nevada Trivia Contest

Each month we post a new Nevada trivia question. If you answer the question correctly, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win your choice of 4 different styles of Nevada T-shirts. Send only one entry per month please. We will notify you by email if you are a winner.

Last month’s trivia question was:

What landmark Basque restaurant in Reno was recently sold and what were the names of the original owners of the restaurant?

The answer was: Louis’ Basque Corner in Reno, Since 1967, Louis and Lorraine Erreguible owned the Reno landmark. Chris Shanks and Brian Elcano, are now the new owners.”

Congratulations to Bill for answering correctly and winning her choice of Nevada T-Shirt!

Now on to May’s Nevada Trivia questions:

What was Adolph Sutro known for in mining history?

Name the Sci-Fi movie, staring Arnold Schwarzenegger, filmed in the Valley of fire State Park?

Name the District Attorney, who burned Joe Conforte’s illegal brothel as a public nusisance?  

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