Nevada Official Symbols



All for Our Country, Nevada State Motto

“All for Our Country” was designated our official state motto in 1866


Nevada State Seal

The Nevada State Seal was adopted in 1866


“Home Means Nevada”, Nevada State Song

Nevada designated “Home Means Nevada” as the official state song in 1933.  Song was written by Bertha Raffetto


Desert Bighorn Sheep, Nevada State Animal

The Desert Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis nelson) was designated the official state animal of Nevada in 1973


Tule Duck Decoy, Nevada State Artifact

Designated the Tule Duck Decoy as the official state artifact in 1995


Mountain Bluebird, Nevada State Bird

Nevada designated the Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides) as the official state bird in 1967


Carson City, Nevada State Capital
Located in the  Eagle Valley, Carson City has been Nevada’s state capital since 1864.


Silver and Blue, Nevada State Colors
Nevada designated silver and blue as the official state colors in 1983.  “The Silver State” is one of Nevada’s nicknames.


Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Nevada State Fish
Nevada designated the Lahontan Cutthroat trout, (Oncorhynchus  clarkia henshawi) as the official state fish in 1981.


Flag of Nevada, Nevada State Flag
Nevada has had four different official state flags over the years, the first flag was in 1905.  You can read the history of all four flags on this web site,, just click on “Flags of Nevada”.


Sagebrush, Nevada State Flower and Symbol
Nevada designated Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentate as the official state flower in 1917.  “The Sagebrush State”, is one of Nevada’s nicknames.


Ichthyosaur, Nevada State Fossil
Nevada designated Ichthyosaur (genus Shonisaurus) as the official state fossil in 1977.


Indian Ricegrass, Nevada State Grass
Nevada designated Indian Ricegrass (Oryzopsis hymenoides) as the official state grass in 1977.


Vivid Dancer Damselfly, Nevada State Insect
Nevada designated Vivid Dancer Damselfly (Argia vivida) as the official state insect in 2009.  Males are blue and females are a gray/silver.


Silver State Fanfare, Nevada State March
Nevada designated “Silver State Fanfare”, by Gerald Willis as the official state march in 2001.


Silver, Nevada State Metal
Nevada designated Silver as the official state metal in 1977.


Nevada Turquoise, Nevada State Semi-Precious Gemstone
Nevada designated Turquoise as the official state semi-precious Gemstone in 1987.  Sometimes known as the “jewel of the desert”.


Sandstone, Nevada State Rock
Nevada designated Sandstone as the official state rock in 1987.


Virgin Valley Black Fire Opal, Nevada State Precious Gemstone
Nevada designated the Virgin Valley Black Fire Opal as the official state precious gemstone in 1987.


Desert Tortoise, Nevada State Reptile
Nevada designated the Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) in 1989.


Single-Leaf Pinyon Pine, Nevada State Tree #1
Nevada designated the Single-Leaf Pinyon Pine, (Pinus monophyla), the official state tree in 1953.


Bristlecone Pine, Nevada State Tree #2
Nevada designated the Bristlecone Pine, (Pinus longaeva), the second state tree in 1987.


Nevada State Tartan
Nevada designated the Nevada State Tartan in 2001, Tartan was designed by Richard Zygmunt Pawlowski.


Nevada Steam Locomotive, Engine No. 42, State Locomotive
Nevada designated Nevada Steam Locomotive, Engine No. 42, built in 1910 the official state locomotive in 2009.  The locomotive is currently located in East Ely, Nevada.


Silver State, Sagebrush State, Battle Born State.